Belgium, France, The Netherlands

Léo and Rémi are two 13-year-old best friends. They have spent the long summer holidays in Léo’s family flower farm in innocent intimacy with each other. When the autumn comes they cycle side-by-side to school but their close friendship is thrown into disarray as their relationship is noticed and commented on by their peers. In reaction to sometimes insulting or intrusive comments, Léo attempts to distance himself from Rémi. Devastated by Léo’s unexplained withdrawal and coolness, Rémi resorts to a tragic act. Trying to comprehend and seeking comfort, Léo grows closer to Rémi’s mother, Sophie. Close is a touching film about friendship and responsibility.

Grand Prize Cannes Silver Hugo, Gold Q-Hugo Chicago Carmel Best Film Award Haifa Arthouse Cinema Award Hamburg Audience Award Heartland CICAE Jury Prize Cinefest Miskolc Audience Favorite Mill Valley Special Jury Prize Montclair Critics’ Award Haugesund Youth Jury Award Oslo/Fusion Audience Award Stick Grand Jury Prize, Best Actor Seville Sydney Film Prize Sydney

Lukas Dhont (1991, Ghent) made his feature-length debut in 2018 with Girl, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Caméra d’Or Award for best first feature film, as well as the Queer Palm. Dhont’s second feature, Close, premiered in the competition at 2022 Cannes Film Festival, where he shared the Grand Prix with Claire Denis’ Stars At Noon. Close also won the Sydney Film Prize in June 2022.