A Day at the Museum

In previous films, Frederick Wiseman, the 84-year-young director, has been known to take audiences around the Paris Opera, the Berkeley campus and Central Park. National Gallery, his latest, is hailed as a brand new form of visual storytelling.

In Jem Cohen’s Museum Hours, the paths of two strangers cross at the Museum of Art History in Vienna. Considered one of the most interesting films yet by the Afghan born, New York based filmmaker, the drama leads us on a bizarre tour of both the museum interior and the streets of Vienna.

Best of 20 Years

The Festival made a selection of their best films over the years. The films in this section are; Tango (Zbigniew Rybczynski, 1980, Poland), One Day A Man Bought A House (Pjotr Sapegin, 1998, Norway), Le Reveil (Marc-Henri Wajnberg, 1996, Belgium), Music For One Apartment and Six Drummers (Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, 2001, Sweden), A Heap of Trouble (Steve Sullivan, 2001, UK), United We Stand (Hans Petter Moland, 2002, Norway), Thank you! (Christine Rabette, 2002, Belgium), Overtime (Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland, Damien Ferrié, 2005, France), My Mother Learns Cinema (NesimiYetik, 2006, Turkey), Argentine tank (Guido Thys, 2006, Belgium), Spider (Nash Edgerton, 2007, Australia) and Las Palmas (Johannes Nyholm, 2011, Sweden).

Short is Good and Children Films

As always, the Short is Good and ChildrenFilms sections form an integral part of this year’s Festival. Selectedrom more than 1500 entries submitted to the Festival from around the world,the short films promise to introduce audiences to the avant-garde cinema of numerous different countries. Beauty (Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, 2014, Italy), Ziazan (Derya Durmaz, 2014, Turkey), Bip (Kim Kyung-Man, 2014, South Korea), Des(pecho)truction (Maria Ruiz, 2013, Venezuela), Xenos (Mahdi Fleifel, 2013, UK, Denmark), Washingtonia (Konstantina Kotzamani, 2014, Greece), My Friend Nietzsche (Fauston da Silva, 2013, Brazil), Sequence (Carles Torrens, 2013, USA), Recycled (Lei Lei, Thomas Sauvin, 2013, China), Person to Person (Dustin Defa, 2014, USA), Love is More than I Can Handle (Javier Giner, 2014, Spain), Three Stones for Jean Genet (FriederSchlaich, 2014, Germany) We Are Became Death (Jean-Gabriel Periot, 2014, France), Welcome (Pablo Munoz Gomez, 2014, Belgium).

Children Films come this year from Korea. In addition to the screening section, young audiences can also look forward to an Animation Workshop. The films in this section are; Bbobbi, I am Sorry (Noh Yu-Kyung, Ki Min-Joo, Cha Sa-Rang, 2014), Colorise (Lee Dae-Han, 2013), Cookie Adventure (Kim Da-Hyeon, Lee Min-Uk, JeongSeung-Gyun, 2014), Good Morning (Lee Hyun-Ho, 2014), Mr. and Ms. Magnet (Yoo Kyung-Guen, Jung Sang-Ryun, 2014), Runaway (Park Hyun-Jong, 2009), Fancy Carp (Yu Ri Kim, 2014), Ice Fishing (Heedon Yoon, 2014) and Welcome to My House (Sue Hyun Moon, 2012).