Conspirators Of Pleasure

Svankmajer's third feature combines live action and classic animation tecnique - there is no recourse to computer animation. The story is set in modern-day Prague. "Sunday": That's all there is to the anonymous letter Mr. Pivoine has just been handed by the postmistress, Mrs. Malkova. From now on, "pleasure conspirators" work feverishly at creating the necessary conditions for the gratification of their fantasies; Mr. Pivoine makes himself a pair of bat wings and fashions a figurine with the likeness of his landlady, Mrs. Loubalova, who is busy with making a cloth doll with the likeliness of Mr. Pivoine. The postmistress tirelessly kneads bread crumbs into balls... In his secret workshop Mr. Beltinski sticks assorted, variously textured, objects onto pot covers and rolling pins -fur, sandpaper, feathers, latex fingers... His wife, the lovely TV host Beltinska buys two live carp to put into a tub... Mr. Kula who is in love with Mrs. Beltinska's image, is building a device in which the TV screen is a kind of psycho-erotic centre. Sunday arrives and all the "pleasure conspirators" unleash their fantasies. Will they come out unscathed?
Czech Republic

Jan Švankmajer

Jan Svankmajer

Miloslav Scarlet Fever

Marie Zemanová

Athanor s.r.o.

Anna Wetlinská
Barbora Hrzánová
Gabriela Wilhelmová
Jiri Lábus
Pavel Novy
Petr Meissel

Locarno 1996
Young Jury's 1st prize

3rd Festival on Wheels