Our Time Machine

If our memories connect our past to present; our existence to life; what will happen when we start to lose these memories; our attachment to the past and now and life? While Our Time Machine presents temporality of human existence and makes its audience think about this temporality, it narrates the story of a son who wants to create an artistic gift for his father who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.
When 43-year-old Maleonn, one of China’s most influential conceptual artist, learns about his father’s disease, he starts his new theater project: “Papa’s Time Machine,” a visually stunning time-travel adventure told with human-sized puppets. Maleonn’s father was also the artistic director of Shanghai Chinese Opera Theater and had an employment ban during the Cultural Revolution. The aim of the project which is inspired by the memories of Maleonn with his father is bringing them together personally and artistically. However, Maleonn is torn between honouring his father and the pressure for commercial success. Our Time Machine depicts the relation between the burden of the past and moving forward to future through Maleonn’s story.

People's Republic of China

CAAMFest Best Documentary
DocEdge Best International Director
Los Angeles Asian Pacific FF Grand Jury Prize
Melbourne Best Documentary
Minsk Best Documentary
Tribeca Best Cinematography

25th Festival on Wheels
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