One night, Matiss Zelcs, an employee of the Latvian National Archive in Riga, notices a woman on a bridge. After passing by her without preventing her suicidal fall into the depths, a sensation of failure and guilt changes his life. He can not forget her. Driven by a feeling of remorse and the fever of illusion, he roams through the city night and day looking for traces of her existence. This journey through the tumult of his conscience leads him deeper into his own loneliness and the depths of his soul, as he gets more and more entangled in the destinies of the woman and of the people who were attached to her. “Out of light and shadow, voices and sounds, a fascinating world enfolds, which shows us the hero's inner desperation with a burning intensity. Through the masterful simplicity and clarity of the story, the sparse beauty of the images, full of contrast and breathing time, which give the characters a dignity and a humanity, and through the artistic purity, which reminds us of Bresson's works, or Bergman's early works, the inner drama of protagonists of this bold film about guilt and forgiveness, which leaves everything fashionable and ordinary far behind, is transformed into hope and perhaps even salvation. With Fallen, Fred Kelemen has enriched his work, which stands alone in the German cinema landscape, with a further cinematographic masterpiece. Neues Deutschland
Almanya Letonya

Fred Kelemen

Fred Kelemen

Fred Kelemen

Franka Pohl
Fred Kelemen
Klaus Charbonnier

Kino Kombat Filmproduction

Aija Dzerve
Egons Dombrovskis
Gundars Silakaktinš
Nikolaj Korobov
Vigo Roga

Best Cinematography Festival of European Cinema Lecce
Latvian National Film Award Riga
Special Jury Award for Best Director

11th Festival on Wheels