Wild Strawberries


Isak Borg a resigned professor of medicine, wakes up early due to a nightmare in which he has witnesses his own funeral. That morning he departs for Lund together with his daughter-in-law Marianne to get the certificate to be presented him for his thirtieth year as a doctor of medicine. During the trip Marianne gets to opportunity to tell her father-in-law what an egoist he has been, and how toughly and inconsiderably he treats everybody especially his own son. Her criticism propels the professor to question himself. When they stop by a country house where the professor has spent his childhood, Isak Borg turns back to happiest days in his mind. But when they get on the road again and he falls asleep, he once more returns to his nightmare of the previous night. He makes an account of his life and comes to the conclusion that he is a miser as far as forgiving and loving his fellowmen is concerned. This conclusion reached in his nightmare upsets him very much and he wakes up frightened. This has been a day of many happenings, discussions and painful memories. Bur at the end of the day the old man has broken the shell of selfishness. He first reaches a compromise with his children. This is also an expression of his effort to make compromises with his own world. Bergman for the second time after The Seventh Seal the self-questioning of someone who is close to death. The story of a life lost due to extreme selfishness, with scenes that are mixtures of the documentary, expressionist and impressionist approaches is also the story of the barrenness of lost life. Just like Bergman underline in The Seventh Seal. Happiness is hidden in the simple pleasure of life.


Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman

Gunnar Fischer

Oscar Rosander

AB Svensk Filmindustri

Bibi Andersson
Gunnar Björnstrand
Ingrid Thulin
Victor Sjöström

Erik Nordgren

Best European Film Bodil Awards
Best Film - Best Cinematography - Best Actress - Best Actor Mar del Plata Film Festival
Best Foreign Director Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists
Best Foreign Film - Best Actor National Board of Review
Best Foreign Film Golden Globes
Best Foreign Language Film Kinema Junpo Ajards
Fipresci Prize Berlin Film Festival
Golden Bear
Pasinetti Award Venice Film Festival

1st Festival on Wheels