Wrong Rosary

This is a story of sensuality, love and grief, growing in the anonymity of a big modern city. It takes place in present-day Istanbul, in Galata. Musa is a young muezzin who comes to the city for the first time in his life. He is assigned to work in a mosque and receives an apartment. Upon his arrival he meets his next door neighbour Clara, a Catholic nurse. She takes care of the older nurse, Sister Anna. Excitement and a simultaneously warm sensation emerge from this first encounter. In the beginning, the young muezzin is quite hesitant to confess to himself what is actually happening, but as time passes his love for Clara pervades his life. Another storyline emerges when Musa comes across the bibliophile Yakup at the church that Clara attends regularly, and starts working for him. A few surprises and unexpected turns emerge when the lives of the three intersect. Slow-paced, with a pleasant rhythm and an eye for detail, the film depicts different ambiances of multi-religious Istanbul, within its distinctive spaces and through the stories of a variety of unusual characters. This exceptional debut by Mahmut Fazıl Coşkun is certainly a strong voice amongst the up-and-coming young talents from Turkey. Ludmila Cvikova


Bektaş Topaloğlu
Görkem Yeltan
Tarik Tufan

Refik Çakar

Çiçek Kahraman

Tülin Çetinkol Soyarslan

Ersan Uysal
Görkem Yeltan
Nadir Sarıbacak

Rahman Gold

Best Actor İstanbul
Best Actor Tofifest
Best Director
Best Film Crossing Europe Special Jury Prize
Best Film Rotterdam
Best script

15th Festival on Wheels