Pedro Pires and Robert Lepage are from different worlds. But after years of friendship and collaborating on each other’s projects, they have finally made a feature film together. Inspired by Lepage’s play Lipsynch, the visually rich, conceptually complex film explores the relationship between the brain, language and thought from the point of view of three interconnected characters. For the film’s creators, the project involved exploring the connections between their respective specialties.

Triptych tells the story of Michelle, a schizophrenic woman released from a hospital into the care of her sister, Marie, who has recently recovered from brain surgery and begun a relationship with her surgeon, Thomas. Each of the characters, while experiencing personal turmoil, struggles to express themselves through the imperfect medium of language. Lepage and Pires invent their own film language in Triptych, a dreamy, surreal film that nonetheless touches on tangible human emotions, consciousness and memory, as well as the dire state of our city streets.

T’Cha Dunlevy, Montreal Gazette


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