Tito And Me

Goran Markovic, who started his directing career 25 years ago, attended Prague's legendary film school FAMU and belongs to the "Czech School" of Yugoslav cinema, along with Paskaljevic, Kusturica and Karanovic. It is not a coincidence that those directors who aleays try to see their country from a critical distance are mostly from this school. As a matter of fact, Markovic's works are always films that function like mirrors which reflect the society he belongs to. Tito and I, a film that contains anectodes from the director's own childhood, takes place in the 1950's, the relatively quiet days of Tito's Yugoslavia. The film starts with scenes from the life of Zoran, a sweet, chubby schoolboy, focusing on his relationship with his parents. We then join Zoran in a trip to rural Yugoslavia. Thanks to a poem in which he confesses he loves Tito more than his parents, Zoran takes top prize in a competition and earns a place in a trip to Kumrovec, Tito's hometown. Incidently, Zoran's sweetheart is among the students going to Kumrovec as well. However a teacher, whose passion for discipline can compete with Stalin's, is leading the flock. It is bitter coincidence that the shooting of the film coincidence with the first sparks of the horrible war that ravaged ex-Yugoslavia. Markovic who always rejected Milosevic and the ideals he represented, announced after he completed the film, that his country had entered a dark tunnel and that he could no longer make films freely in Yugoslavia. He switched to theater, where he thought he would have more freedom in realizing his dreams. When he grabbed the camera again, he took his crew outside the country and made Burlesque Tradegy (1995) in Bulgaria. Only after Milosevic was put on trial in the Hague, he took his camera back to Belgrade and made his last film Serbia, Year Ziro. This time he turned the mirror towards himself and came up with an inventory of the last decade through his and his friends' and family's experiences. N

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Goran Markovic

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