Haim-Aaron is a bright, Ultra-Orthodox religious scholar living in Jerusalem. One evening, following a self-imposed fast, Haim-Aaron collapses and loses consciousness. The paramedics announce his death, but his father takes over resuscitation efforts and beyond all expectations, Haim- Aaron comes back to life. After the accident, Haim-Aaron remains apathetic to his studies. He feels overwhelmed by a sudden awakening of his body and suspects this is God testing him. He wonders if he should stray from the prescribed path and find a way to rekindle his faith. The father notices his son’s changed behavior and tries to forgive him. He is tormented by the fear of having crossed God’s will, the night he resuscitated his son.

“Avishai Sivan lays down a marker as the potential Carl Dreyer or Lars Von Trier of Israeli cinema with Tikkun, an impressive but relentlessly austere depiction of a crisis of faith. The story of a young, ultra orthodox yeshiva student and his journey from devotion to doubt is told in stark black and white images that unfold in a measured manner that borders on the soporific.”

−Allan Hunter


Avishai Sivan

Avishai Sivan

Shai Goldman

Avishai Sivan
Nili Feller

Avishai Sivan
Leon Edery
Moshe Edery
Ronen Ben Tal

Aharon Traitel
Khalifa Natour
Omri Fuhrer
Riki Blich

Jerusalem Film Festival Best Feature Film - Best Screenplay - Best Cinematography - Best Actor
Locarno Film Festival Special Jury Prize - Special Mention for Cinematography - IFFS Don Quijote
Valladolid Film Festival - Best Cinematography

1. World Cinema
21st Festival on Wheels