Forty-year-old Janko is such a troublemaker that even the warden at his prison wants him let out on parole. Janko is released into the care of his half-brother Novak on the same day that Novak picks up his own sister-in-law, 25-year-old Zana, from a psychiatric hospital although she is still in need of treatment. Both the director of the asylum and the prison warden want to free up rooms at their respective institutions as they have stumbled upon a lucrative sideline providing safe ‘accommodation’ for fee-paying war criminals. Janko is aggressive and short-tempered and can’t hold down a job, so Novak threatens to take him back to prison unless he renovates the dilapidated house Zana has moved into. As soon as fragile Zana sets eyes on Janko, she believes he is the man who saved her from drowning as a child and promptly starts following him around which frustrates him to no end. In Janko’s presence she slowly opens up, despite the fact he constantly pushes her away. One day Novak comes to visit and watches the two in animated conversation. It is clear to him that Janko has found a way to cure Zana’s mental illness so he begins to pay Janko to be nice to Zana, and the two grow closer still. Starring Macedonian superstar Labina Mitevska and Serbia’s Nikola Kojo, Kontakt is a funny and melancholic love story about two oddballs who find love in the strangest place.

Germany Macedonia

Gordan Mihic
Sergej Stanojkovski

Tomislav Pinter

Andrea Pugner

Busse & Halberschmidt

Labina Mitevska
Nikola Kojo
Petar Mircevski
Vesna Petrushevska

Michael Bauer
Peer ravens

12th Festival on Wheels