Summer Book

Throughout one long summer each member of a family in a provincial town tries to solve his/her personal crises as their daily lives flow by at their own slow pace. The film follows the lives of Mustafa, his wife Güler, his two sons and his younger brother Hasan living in Silifke, a southern town in Turkey. Mustafa is a hard-working and ambitious agricultural merchant who is cold and austere towards his family. One day he has a brain hemorrhage on a bussiness trip and succumbs to a coma after the operation. Güler suspects that her husband has an affair. Veysel, their teeange son, wants to leave the military academy and study business administration. Ali, their 10-year-old son, has to cope both with his bully classmate and the chewing gums he has to sell. Hasan, Mustafa's younger brother, chose to live a life in solitude after getting a divorce, and has always been an outsider to the family. But now, with his brother in coma, he finds himself involved in family affairs. Hasan has to solve the mystery about Mustafa' mistress and the money lost during trip.

Seyfi Teoman

Seyfi Teoman

Arnau Valls Colomer

Çiçek Kahraman

Yamaç Okur

Ayten Tökün
Harun Özürağ
Osman İnan
Taner Birsel
Tayfun Günay

Best Film Arfilm
Best Turkish Film
Bronze Zenith Award Montreal
FIPRESCI Award İstanbul
Special Jury Prize Taormina
Tolerance Award Palic

14th Festival on Wheels