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A forensic scientist, Dr. Nariman, has a collision with Moosa’s family riding a motorbike at night. In the accident, Moosa’s eight-year-old son sustains minor injuries, but Moosa declines to take him to the hospital. The next morning, Nariman is shocked when he finds out a corpse delivered to the hospital at dawn is Moosa’s son. The results of autopsy show the boy had botulinum in his body, which means the boy was to die soon anyway. However, Nariman is consumed with guilt that his collision could affect his death. After his son’s death, Moosa goes to jail, while Dr. Nariman unearths the boy’s dead body from its tomb to conduct another autopsy. The death of the eightyear- old boy was actually the result of the poverty of the lower class, and of vulgar capitalism. While only Moosa and Dr. Nariman pay for their crimes in their own ways, thinking they gave cause for the boy’s death, the true contributor to the death—society—doesn’t do anything to correct the situation.


Vahid Jalilvand

Navid Mohammadzadeh
Zakieh Behbahani

Peyman Yazdanian

Bratislava Film Festival - Best Actor; Fipresci Award
Chicago Film Festival - Gold Hugo
Fajr Film Festival - Best Director; Best Supporting Actor; Best Sound Mix
Thessaloniki Film Festival - Silver Alexander; Fipresci Award
Venice Film Festival - Best Director; Best Actor

23rd Festival on Wheels
World Cinema 2017