Suleiman Mountain

Karabas is a man who has never really grown up. He drinks too much, and he and his young pregnant wife just scrape by. When his first wife Zhipara arrives with the news that she’s found their long-lost son Uluk, a question arises: Could the fractured foursome all live together? Some wounds are just too hard to heal – even if you believe in the magical power of Suleiman Mountain, under which the picture’s plot unfolds… In her distinctive debut, Elizaveta Stishova dexterously combines a road movie with a family drama and an original comedy, thereby painting a vivid portrait of life in Kyrgyzstan. She organically incorporates traditional Kyrgyz customs, shamanic practices and folklore motifs into the storyline, thereby painting a vivid portrait of life in this Central Asian country.

Lenka Tyrpáková


Asset Imangaliev
Daniel Daiyerbekov
Perizat Ermanbetova
Turgunay Erkinbekova

Eurasia International Film Festival - Fipresci Choice; Netpac Choice
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - East of West Grand Prize; Fedeora Choice
Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival (PYIFF) - Roberto Rossellini Award for Best Film / Public Award

24th Festival on Wheels
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