Autumn Spring

Autumn Spring is the tragicomic story of Fanda, a 75 year old man who, despite his age, is full of youth and goes back and forth between his imagination and the real world. Fanda is joined by his old friend, the retired actor Eda, and the two find themselves in adventurous situations as they refuse giving in to old age and choose a colorful life instead of waiting to die. Together, they play little games to those who cross their way and try to have some fun. Irritating his family members by being late to his own birthday party is among Fanda's routines. One day he pretends to be a dollar millionaire who just came back to his country to buy a luxurious estate, the next day he is the subway controller who pardons ticketless young women for a kiss. Emilie with whom Fanda has been married for 44 years is Fanda's greatest helper in life but she also functions as spoiler. Emilie, whose world view is radically different from Fanda's, is putting aside money for her funeral and hides it in a jar in the kitchen. She is quite unimpressed by her husband's childish behaviour and annoyed by the fact that he spends their money without care. She works hard to get Fanda back to reality and in a way succeeds. But coming back to "normal life" makes Fanda miserable, a state that worsens when his best friend falls ill. With Vlastimil Brodsky, one of the most famous actors in Czech cinema in the leading role, this sweet comedy throws light to the inner world of the elderly, approaching old age with a story that is at once sad and funny. Autumn Spring is worth the trip only for the powerful and flawless performance of its leading cast whose artistic career total 125 years, and offers much more.
Czech Republic

Jirí Hubac

Martin Strba

Jiri Brozek

Czech Television

Ondrej Vetchy
Stanislav Zindulka
Stella Zázvorková
Vlastimil Brodsky

Michal Lorenc

Best Actress
Best Film Cleveland; Best Actor
Best Screenplay
Best Supporting Actor Czech Lion

8th Festival on Wheels