A young mute woman, Sibel, is living as an outcast in a remote, superstitious mountain village, Kuşköy, near Black Sea. She is only able to communicate by whistling. She is not married, she lives with her father, and the villagers consider her disabled. Rejected by her fellow villagers, she relentlessly hunts down a wolf that is said to be prowling in the neighbouring forest, sparking off fears and fantasies among the village women. To make up for her loneliness, Sibel kills herself doing field work. She seems constantly on the move, cooking, chopping wood, trimming bushes and picking crops. One day she meets a deserter from the Turkish army hiding in the forest, a fugitive. Injured, threatening and vulnerable, he sees her, for the first time, with fresh eyes. For the first time, a new perspective comes to Sibel: what if she was also a woman?

Germany France Luxembourg Turkey

Damla Sönmez
developer Iscanae
Emin Gursoy
Erkan Kolçak Köstendil
Meral Cetinkaya

Adana Film Festival - Best Film
Best Actress; Best Supporting Actor
FilmFest Hamburg – Hamburg Producers Award for European Cinema Co-productions
Locarno International Film Festival – Fipresci Prize; Young Jury Prize; Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival – Best Script; Critics Award
National Competition – Best Script; Best Actress

24th Festival on Wheels
Turkey 2018