Dear Diary

Caro Diario is a film about about the various staging posts and unanswered questions of life, about the inner thoughts anyone can have. Unusual narratives are Moretti's trademark, but this one possibly rates as the most personal example of his very particular, comic-critical cinema. He describes himself, exposes himself, but at the same time documents the times, the ordinary and the vast changes shaking society. There may well have been times when you wanted to roam the streets of the city, a place lived in, loved, with a history of its own marked possibly by the survival of politics, war, ideology, speculation, economic crises.. Times when you wanted to share your feelings about the city, its seasons, cinemas and homes, about how it speaks to you. Moretti devotes Part One of his three-part film to exactly this. Here he cruises the streets of Rome on his Vespa. He muses how writing and film are concerned with nothing more than porn and violence. He questions the conscience of the 'rave-review' critics. He describes how the city has changed since the '60s, its buildings of different eras, the closeted lives of the bourgeois safely removed from the city. He recounts how he loved the film Flashdance and always wished he could dance. Then his Vespa veers onto the coast road, where he visits the site of Paolo Pasolini's murder, and he continues on his way. Meandering through a city on an unexceptional summer's day, he meanders through a multitude of incidental ideas. In Part Two, we relocate to a friend of Moretti, who spent years working on Ulysses, never watches television and has moved to an island to write a new film script. With Moretti's arrival on the island, his friend realises that the island, is, in fact, as traffic-clogged and noisy as Rome. This serves as a cue for the two to go wandering off to other islands. While exploring the islands, the bizarre change of island character brought by tourism and the child-dominated lives of resident nuclear families

Nanni Moretti

Nanni Moretti

Giuseppe Lanci

Mirco Garrone


Antonio Neiwiller
Jennifer Beals
Nanni Moretti
Renato Carpentieri

Nicola Piovani

Best Director Cannes - Best Film
Best Music David di Donatello - FIPRESCI Award European Film Awards - Best Director Italian Syndicate of Film Journalists - Best Foreign Film Sant Jordi - Best Film Sudbury Cinefest

10th Festival on Wheels