Soap, A

Picture a sexy woman. How does she look? Then picture a sexy man. How does he look? Now let them switch souls. And let them fall in love. With each other. Because what if the woman and the man no longer want to be defined as single-sexed creatures, then, how does the game of love and eroticism look? Maybe like it does in A Soap. “My first feature film. I'm trying to focus on sex and love. I'm trying to seduce us into loving the improbable love. I'm trying to move straight through the human being. To make us think with our senses. From senses come feelings. From feelings comes love, the desire to reach out towards others. To live, to share, to give. I want to give you an honest film. A film, where form is in symbiosis with content and the two cannot be seperated from each other, but come together to tell a simple story about complex feelings in the emotional space between humor and pain.” Pernille Fischer Christensen
Denmark Sweden

Kim Fupz Aakeson

Erik Molberg

Åsa Mossberg

Nimbus Film Rights ApS

Christian Tafdrup
David Dencik
Elsebeth Steentoft
Frank Thiel
Trine Dyrholm

Magnus Jarlbo

12th Festival on Wheels