Party And The Guests, The

A group of Czech bourgeoisie have come to a party in a stately mansion of provincial Czechoslovakia. These people representing the "jet" set of Czech society continue their "tiny" voyage, having spasms of astonishment due to the "compulsory" surprises that meet them. The host whom they face at the "site of the party" where they arrive at with "joking" accompanists, himself the very "image of politeness" causes a feeling of comfort by the surprises they have witnessed. However nothing is a "garden of roses" as it looks "from afar". This "joyous" party will soon turn into a "shooting drive". The Party and the Guests, which brought international fame to Jan Nemec, a competent creator of the Czech New Wave, as a film which aspires to serve as the mirror of the social and political structuring of Czechoslovakia. Its characters which tend to become caricatures from time to time in the allegoric structure of the film, prepare surprises that sometimes astonish the viewers. The "nit cur" Rudolf who, even though he's one of the secondary characters of the film is still at the focal point of the production with the "secretive totalitarian regime figure" he represents and the effect of whom is deeply felt, comes in front of us with a performance that puts its stamp on every element of this "oozing" structure. The Party and the Guests, with its "poor" heroes who cannot get away from the "forced debauchery" mechanism they're trapped in and whose "timid smiles" we watch with a kind of claustrophobic heartache, at the same time shapes its dynamics in an underhanded way with the stones of a surreal structure. The elements completing Nemec's show are the black-and-white work of Jaromir Sofr which juxtapose with atmosphere of the film, and the musical contribution of Karel Mares, who also presents a "helpful" image with his acting. The Party and the Guests which may also be evaluated as an investigation of the concept of state, is one of the determining works of Jan Nemec, who was frequently in trouble with the regime of the time and like many contemporaries of his finally had to leave the country, and of his cinema. A rare chance to meet one of the cornerstones of Czech cinema. Murat Özer
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Ester Krumbachová
Jan Nemec (from the short story by Ester Krumbachová)

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