In Daisies, the film credits are superimposed over alternating images of endlessly turning machinery wheels and bombs exploding silently, accompanied by monotone music. At the film's end we again see the images of cities burnt and destroyed by bombs. Described by the director as "a philosophical documentary in the form of a farce", Daisies tells the story of two girls, Marie I and Marie II who decide that, since the world has been ruined, they will be ruined as well. The two girls are introduced as puppets in the opening scenes. None of their psychological attributes are examined, they are portrayed as whimsical and spoiled dummies. The director describes her intention: "the intention was to divert the spectator's attentions from the psychology of the characters "to restrict his feeling of involvement and lead him to an understanding of the underlying idea or philosophy. "She goes on describing her aim in making this maddening avant garde film: "we decided we would allow ourselves to be bound by nothing. Absolutely nothing. We would free ourselves from all the implications of the story and keep only the dialogue". In such a spoiled and meaningless world where nothing matters anymore, Marie I and Marie II decide to start playing the game "it matters / it doesn't matter". They attack the values of the establishment, destroying and consuming everything. They exploit middle-aged men for free meals and later send them away on trains. Their behaviour is outrageous in a nightclub. Devouring and consuming everything that comes their way is a part of their game, so they eat continuously, and what they cannot eat they smash or destroy. At the end they find themselves in an unknown building (a government building or a rich house?) with a very richly set feast table. Devouring and breaking everything, they tear the table apart. However, according to the director, this game "if played systematically and for prestige, may lead to death". Full of jump-cuts, this experimental fi
Czech Republic

Vera Chytilova

Ester Krumbachová
Vera Chytilova

Jaroslav Kucera

Miroslav Hajek

Barrandov Film Studio

Ivana Karbanova
Jitka Cerhova
Julius Albert
Marie Ceskova

Jiri Slitr
Jiri Sust

7th Festival on Wheels