Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box tackles a reality of Turkey that is just waiting to explode; and it does so with sesitivity and comprassion. In the film, a tale of different quests and losses, the life struggles of three generations, their expectations, disappointments and longing for inner balance (something that permanently eludes them) are observed with an existental slant. When their ageing mother, who leads a solitary life in the lush green hills of the Black Sea region, developes Alzheimer's disease, two Istanbul based sisters find themselves having to take care of her. Events unfold in the framework of their strained relationship, revealing the various sickness of a society on the edge of a nervous breakdown (like the main characters themselves), a society that has lost a memory... With Journey to the Sun and Waiting for the Clouds, Yeşim ustağlu explored the problems of supra-identity/sub-identity. In Pandora's Box, which could also be described as the film of lost generations dependent on consumer society models, she has managed to capture essence, independent of a particular geography or spesific culture. Furthermore, she projects Istanbul's exceptionally colorful, contradictory and dynamic identy in different lights to stunning effect.
Almanya Belçika Fransa Türkiye

Sema Kaygusuz
Yeşim Ustaoğlu

Jacques Besse

Franck Nakache

Ustaoğlu Film Yapım

Derya Capsize
Onur Unsal
Osman Sonant
Övül Avkıran
Tsilla Chelton

Jean-Pierre Mas

Best Actress San Sebastian
Best Supporting Actress Antalya
Golden Shell Best Film

14th Festival on Wheels