The Bus

The script that Tunç Okan has written was inspired by a piece of news in the papers and shot is as follows: Nine Turks who wanted to take refuge in foreign lands, hoping for a better life, set off with an old bus towards Stockholm, relying on a fellow citizen. After encountering all sorts of difficulties they do manage to get there. However the driver parks the bus on a square in Stockholm and leaves it under the pretext of taking care of official procedure, taking with him the passports and the money of the nine would be workers, warning them not to leave the bus under any circumstances. Staying in for a long time, they finally have to get out due to hunger and meet the world outside the bus. Okan has told the drama of people who have set off from Anatolia and fallen into a completely different reality, he has presented with a naïve look to what extent has capitalist society and the ruse called civilization made egomaniacs of people alienating them from each other, making them ruthless and materialistic, plus telling the helplessness of the rural people face to face with technology. However, it seems that censors were not pleased with the image of migrants from Anatolia who eat wastes from garbage bins or get on moving the moving stairs from the wrong side making fools of themselves, so the release of the film was forbidden in Turkey and it was only released later through the decision of the Council of State.

Cumhur Canbazoğlu


Tunç Okan

Aras Ören
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Tunç Okan
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International Cine-Clubs Federation – Prize Don Quijote
Santarem Film Festivali – Best Film; Portuguese Film Critics’ Best Film Award
Strasbourg International Film Festival – Human Rights Award
Taormina Film Festival – Best First Film Award
Turkish Film Critics’ Association Awards – Best Film

24th Festival on Wheels
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