Orbis Pictus

The heroine of the story is 16 years old Tereza who is a happy girl with a simple, even childish view of world. One day she is forced to leave school and decide to go to the capital in search of her mother. During her journey across Slovakia, she has many strange adventures and incredible encounters that make her realize a great deal about herself and the world around her. She meets a stationmaster in a station where trains no longer stop. All he does is put old coins on the track and wait for passing trains to turn them into shapeless pieces of metal. She comes across a man whose job is to destroy as many things as possible, though he has no idea why he is paid to do so. His car is full of beautiful new dresses. He gives one to her and burns the rest in front of her. She meets an old woman half-buried in soil who tells her it is an ancient way of depriving the body of pain. Later, she happens upon a strange wedding party. The groom is barely eighteen, the bride is almost fifty. The wedding reflects society with its all grotesque, senseless rituals. At last she reaches the capital where she eventually finds her mother. After giving her some advice her mother disappears into the darkness. Tereza is alone once again. The line between the real world and illusion is often crossed and everyday reality dissolves into absurd, tragicomic mysticism.


Martin Sulik

Marek Lescák
Martin Sulik
Ondrej Sulaj

Martin Strba

Dusan Milko

Bozidara Turzonovová
Dorotka Nvotová
Frantisek Kovár
Julius Satinsky
Marián Labuda
Marián Zednikovic
Milka Vasaryová

Vladimir Godár

3rd Festival on Wheels