Robert Altman’s puzzling satirical masterpiece, treading on shallow water but somehow in its ambitions to say something big and different about the American political scene rises to the occasion to be a fascinating technical achievement and a strangely insightful character study of those in the pop culture scene doing their hysterical celebrity thing that includes going after sex, money, fame and power. Joan Tewkesbury’s screenplay throws in a background political story that never connects the dots but gives off an eerie mood of an America in the process of reinventing itself from recent missteps over the Vietnam War and the corrupt Nixon White House. In the process of doing its political thing it gives the best look at the Nashville ‘Country and Western’ scene ever on film, and proves to be the ultimate 1970’s film that plays out as a metaphor for America. Uniquely filmed in a sprawling and messy style, without a narrative, it deliciously covers the various activities of 24 characters (musicians, managers, politicians, promoters, drifters and music lovers) during a hectic five days in Nashville... Dennis Schwartz

Robert Altman

Joan Tewkesbury

Paul Lohmann

Dennis M. Hill
Sidney Levin

American Broadcasting Company

Barbara Baxley
David Arkin
Karen Black
Keith Carradine
Ned Beatty
Ronee Blakley
Timothy Brown

Richard Baskin

Best Director
Best Film
Best Foreign Film David di Donatello
Best Music Oscar
Best Original Song - Motion Picture Golden Globes
Best Soundtrack BAFTA
Best Supporting Actor National Society of Film Critics Awards
Best Supporting Actress
Best Supporting Actress National Board of Review

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