Dark Blue World

Screenwriter and actor Zdenek Sverák and his son, director Jan Sverák had won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1996 for their collaboration Kolya. Father and son have collaborated again, this time in a classic narrative, an epic story set during the Second World War. Two Czech pilots who escape to England after the annexiation of Czechoslovakia by the Nazi government and join the Royal Air Force to fight the occuppying Germans are the film's main characters. The film starts in 1950, one of the pilots is in prison and is being treated by a doctor -another inmate- who served as an SS officer during the war. In these scenes dominated by a stark gray, we see that the new regime in Czechoslovakia is perceiving the war heroes who witnessed democracy and freedom in England as a menace and incarcerates them without hesitation. The film follows the pilots in various, funny and sad settings: as they try to adapt to the english lifestyle, while they fight against the Luftwaffe, as they are confronted by death and when they fall in love with the same woman. "Dark Blue World" is much more than a story of love and friendship. The battle scenes, some of which have been restored from the 1969 film Battle of Britain are full of stunning special effects which makes the film an exciting visual experience. The film also functions as an homage to all Czech pilots who fought the Nazis and heroically served their country, only to be betrayed after the war.
Almanya Çek Cumhuriyeti

Jan Sverak

Zdenek Sverák

Vladimír Smutny

Alois Fisárek

Jan Sverák

Charles Dance
Krystof Hádek
Linda Rybová
Oldrich Kaiser
Ondrej Vetchy
Tara Fitzgerald

Ondrej Soukup

Audience Award
Best Cinematography
Best Director
Best Editing
Best Music Czech Lion
Critics' Award

8th Festival on Wheels