In a remote corner of Hungary, a number of villagers gathered in the local tavern are pondering whether or not to accept an offer of a one year contract labor on a farm in Germany. In the end, four peasant families and two single men resolve to take up the offer. The German farmer and his steward Brainer, a native of Hungary, are waiting for the Hungarian laborers. The new arrivals' first days are spent in familiarizing themselves with the place. Right by the farm, there is a military hutment where French prisoners of war are being guarded. Fabian displays interest in the POW's lot, but he can not do anything for them. He must concentrate all his attention, as both his wife and Brainer warn him on work. Work on the farm begins. The Hungarian laborers work hard. One day a group of deported Polish women arrive in the camp. Mrs. Fabian driven by motherly instincts, extends help to them. One day the Hungarians witness a horrifying spectacle. Russian prisoners of war are marched along the road. Two POWs collapse, and the commandant of the German military escort orders one young soldier to shoot the two to death. The soldier refuses compliance with the order. The commandant of the detachment guns the soldier down and shoots the Russian POW, too. The Polish women are transported away. Work in the fields is continuing. One Sunday the farmer and Brainer take the Hungarians out on an excursion. The excursion reaches its climax in a visit to seaside, but they arrive on the coast in a rain. And then, in a little seaside cabin, they happen upon a dead man. Autumn comes. This is the time the harvest is being gathered in. Our Hungarians are working at a terrific pace. Fabian and his wife, in particular stand out as hard working duo. The farmer proposes to the Hungarians that they stay on with him. But the Hungarians are resolved to return to their native village. Our Hungarian laborers are back in their village. Call-up papers awaits the younger men. They spend their last night

Zoltan Fabri

Zoltan Fabri (from the novel by Jozsef Balanzs)

George Illes

Magyar Filmunio

Andras Ambrius
Anna Mustze
Bertalan Solti
Erzsi Papai
Eva Pap
Gabor Koncz
Gellert Raksanyi
Istvan Holl
Istvan O. Szabo
Janos Koltai
Noemi Apor
Sandor Szabo
Tibor Molnar
Zoltan Gera

George vukan

Grand Prix New Delhi 1979
Grand Prix Salamanca 1980

2nd Festival on Wheels
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