Black Peter

A film by Milos Forman, who used amateur players with improvised dialogues and carried the camera to the streets, brought a new liveliness to Czech cinema with its being based on sharp observations, tenderness and humour. Forman succeeded skilfully to transform a short story into a work with a deep philosophical content. Instead of finding players suitable for the script, he changed the script according to the players. At the end, the players became a part of the film by playing themselves, and there came out a very realistic film. Young Peter who has problems with his conservative father finds a job in a store. His duty is to prevent theft. Even though he does not like his job, he has no other option. Meanwhile, he meets Pavla who is a disobedient girl. He will possibly climb up the stairs in his work and achieve the respectability he wants, with his mother's protection and support. However, he will never be an intellectual and, never be able to understand the world completely. The first thing being taught to him in his new life is: "Keep your eyes on people. Of course, we trust them, but how can we be sure? All of them, more or less, leave a suspicion in our mind. If everybody realises that they are not being watched, then, they can steal".
Czech Republic

Milos Forman

Jaroslav Papousek
Milos Forman

Jan Nemecek

Miroslav Hajek

Czechlovakia State Film Studio

Bozena Matuskova
Jan Ostrcil
Ladislav Jakim
Pavla Martinkova

Jiri Slitr

Best Film Locarno

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