Kukum, The

In the days following the entrance of NATO troops into Kosovo, with the signing of the military treaty in Kumanovo, Serb guards stationed at a mental institution desert and flee. The staff of the institution joins them and thus the patients are left with no supervision. The sudden freedom lets the patients attempt to make their dreams come true, but they are confronted with the realities of the outside world. “When NATO intervened in Kosova and after the war was over, Kosova became free. Everyone was thinking that freedom would make it possible for us to do everything we wanted, go to any place that came to mind, in other words be free. I thought people who have suffered violence and abuse by the machinery of a notorious regime would have more compassion for others... But what has really happened?! Instead, they became cruel, dehumanizing, loosing their sympathy and manifesting freedom by denying it to others... A bizarre kind of freedom. The film is a metaphor for freedom and postwar people. Three people, let us call them mental patients, wish to meet people, love each other, make love, travel by train, smoke... They encounter obstacles while trying to fulfill these very human needs. As some people make fun of them, others fear that their village might be contaminated by “their insanity”. The freedom of these characters becomes more and more constricted while their desires fade. Ultimately, they don't get understood, but they get abused and chased all the time with no mercy.” Isa Qosja

Isa Qosja

Isa Qosja
Mehmet Kraja

Menduh Nushi

Agron Ula


Anisa Ismaili
Donat Qosja
Luan jaha

Naim Krasniqi

Special Jury Prize Sarajevo

11th Festival on Wheels