The Beautiful Indifference

Hard times come for Onur and Bahar who live in a remote housing complex when Onur is sacked from his job. While Onur detaches from reality and denies his actual situation, Bahar by the time feels abyss in her soul. La Belle Indifférence tells about the lives of corporate middle class people through a couple in episodic narration. Solitude remains throughout changing climates. Onur and Bahar come to a threshold about their relationship and we witness their ­fights, nightmares, absurd memories and situations while their bodies and souls transform.

La Belle Indifférence is designed as the second chapter of the housing trilogy after the ­first chapter My Father’s Wings. This trilogy speaks about the three essential pods of the real estate sector: worker, consumer and builder. After the tragic story of the construction worker Ibrahim, we now focus on the life of a well-situated couple, buying a flat from the very same building but in a different narrative style. This trilogy reveals how real estate sector, which is the driving force of Turkish economy in the last 10 years, effects dramatically people’s lives from different classes of society.



Adana Film Festival - Best Screenplay
Adana Film Festival Best Actor
Adana Film Festival Best Promising Actress
Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Best Actor
Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Cahide Sonku Award
Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Jury Special Award

25th Festival on Wheels
Turkey 2019