A visually impressive docu-fiction hybrid from Slovak multihypenate Ivan Ostrochovsky, Koza offers a raw look at a retired Romany boxer who goes back into the ring in hopes of keeping his family together. Featuring the outstanding performances of non-professional actors and blurring the lines between representation and presence, Koza is a powerful and haunting challenge to the concept of authenticity.

Peter “Koza” Baláž is struggling to make ends meet. Miša learns that she is expecting a child and decides to terminate her pregnancy. She pressures Koza to get money for the procedure. Koza, who has not trained in a while, steps back into the ring, hoping to earn some much-needed cash and possibly change Miša’s mind. He and his manager, Zvonko, embark on a “tour”, where success is not measured in victories, but in the amount of blows that Koza can take.

Çek Cumhuriyeti Slovakya

Ivan Ostrochovský
Marek Lescák

Martin Kollár

Maroš Šlapeta
Matej Benes
Peter Morávek
Viera Čákanyová

Ivan Ostrochovský
Jiri final
Marek Urban

Ján Franek
Nikola Bongilajová
Peter Balaz
Stanislav Bongilajová
Tatiana Piussi
Zvonko Lakčević

Curitiba Film Festival Best Film - Critics’ Award
goEast Film Festival Best Director - Fipresci Award
IndieLisboa Independent Film Festival - Special Mention
Vilnius Film Festival Best Film Award - CICAE Art Cinema Award

1. World Cinema
21st Festival on Wheels