Big Big World

Reha Erdem is one of a rare breed of filmmakers in Turkish cinema who remains ‘faithful’ to his themes. Turning to husband world (Big Big World), this marks a new milestone in his filmography. This latest masterpiece from the director starts off when two “siblings” flee into nature in their longing for a ‘new life’. While Berke Karaer and Ecem Uzun’s superbly matched performances come together with the reverse utopian atmosphere Erdem consciously creates, Florent Herry’s “serene” images perfect the picture. Although the shot of ‘poison’ we received in Erdem’s There is life (My Only Sunshine, 2008), is ramped up in Big Big World, this “visceral” film can be blown in an “untidy” direction with the weight of social effluents thrust upon our two “young souls”. As they “disappear” within nature, the siblings almost lose their identity and become strangers. Meanwhile, their adventure stretches away into eternity along the “revolutionary” route struck by characters who have unfurled the flag of protest against the life imposed on them. At the same time, it is an adventure that chronicles the immensity of choices in any one human life, but also points out that these choices can be ‘idealized’ and pursued. Among the thoughts washed up by the tide of Big Big World are refusing to accept any “demolition procedure” of uncertain origin, searching for ways to survive in order to win through, and benefiting from the convergence of the ‘”motorbike kid’s” determination and Jeanne d’Arc’s’ passion. But the issue of who benefits how much depends on the extent to which what you see ‘complements’ you…

Murat Ozer


Reha Erdem

Reha Erdem

Florent Herry

Reha Erdem

Atlantic Film
Ömer Atay

Ayta Sözeri
Berke Karaer
Ecem Uzun
Hakan Çimenser
Melisa Akman
Murat Deniz

Nil Frahms

Adana Film Festival - Best Film - Best Cinematography - Most Promising Actress - Turkish Film Directors’ Association Best Director Award
Venice Film Festival - Special Jury Award - Independent Critics’ Best Director Award

22nd Festival on Wheels
Turkey 2016