Red Dwarf, The

When Lucen Gagneron became twenty-five, he also became definitely aware with a broken heart that would not get one millimeter higher than the 125 centimeters he had reached exactly eight years ago that he had to give up all hope intrhis respect. The Red dwarf, from Le Coq de bruyère, of the french novelist Michel Tournier. Lucien is a employee in law firm specialized in divorces. He has couples write to each other insolent letters involving threats, and this makes it possible for them to get divorces according to French laws, divorces to which the partieshave peviously consented. However when Lucien falls in love with the Contess, an esteemed client of the firm he works for, he oversteps the mark. The Countesses' return to the gargantuan gigolo, her sixth husband bob, makes Lucien mad with jealousy and he strangles her. Lucien, frightens women with sexuality, and men with sheer physical streenght, falls into nigt life, and loses his job. He is taking his revenge from people through his extreme behavior. However upon the entreaty of the tiny circus star and his affiliation proceeding to to Tournier's story, and by multiplying the number of relations, he has fortified dramatic structure. Even though colour would have been an important factor due to the clothes of the dwarf and circus life itself, the fact that Yves Le Moine has shot his story in b&w, proves he's not the one for easy solutions. The Kafkaeskque lawyer's office and the Fellinian circus (and Anita Ekberg looking just like a see lion!), are combined with expressionist lighting. Jean-Yves Thual's performance in the principal charcter is also very good. Alin Taşçıyan

Yvan Le Moine

Yves Le Moine

Danny Elsen

Ursula Lesiak

A. A. Le Filmes Belges

Anita Ekberg
Arno Chevrier
Dyna Gauzy
Jean Yves Thual
Michel Peyrelon

Alexis Shelegin
Daniel Brandt

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