Broken Love Story, A

Speaking to Aysel with whom he is becoming closer, "If you only knew what lies beneath simplicity" says Fuat, who is forced to marry a rich girl to help his family cope with economic difficulties. Life in this seaside town where Aysel arrived after leaving everything behind in search for peace and simplicity, is not what it seems to be. Fuat, who lives with his mother, sister and her husband; Belgin soon to be wed by Fuat, and Belgin's brother Yavuz who is a drunkard and a gambler, are all actually sustaining their loneliness by seeming to adapt to the social roles ascribed to them within village life. Fuat seems to be the only one who is critical of this miserable situation...along with Bedri, but they have no means of breaking the circle and can only search for solace within their friendship. "I'd probably go crazy if it wasn't for you" says Fuat to Bedri on a fishing trip. Bedri ends this meaningless life, commiting suicide, leaving behind his pictures and nothing else. Fuat's love for Aysel slowly becomes a tool of rebellion that he longs to use in order to break free. He challenges himself, the family of his soon-to-be-wife and their economically motivated impositions, and ultimately the entire town, but all is in vain. The system doesn't loose any time in imprisoning the individual completely and things go back to usual. Fuat marries Belgin and Aysel leaves. Years later they will admit that "happiness past them by" but the circle remained intact, love was broken. Ömer Kavur tells a story akin to a classical melodrama with great simplicity. Selim İleri has reflected the lonely individual's thirst for love and the search of the social within the individual, essential themes of his novels, to the script. Despite the unhappy ending that leaves the spectator full of bitter tastes, "A Broken Love Story" is an effective film with the performance of its cast and its narrative. It can be seen as a passage point between Ömer Kavur's socially concerned period (i

Omer Kavur

Selim Forward

Salih Stitchci

Mevlut Kocak

Alfa Film

Halil Ergün
Kadir Believe
Kamuran Usluer
Neriman Köksal
Nezihe Becerikli

2. Cahit Berkay

Best Actor
Best Director
Best Original Score
Best Photography
Best Supporting Actress Turkish Film Critics
Third Film Antalya; Third Film

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