Three siblings and a will: a drama full of black humour about a journey to a remote part of Turkey and the heart of a family.

For the last 30 years, Cemal, Kenan and Suzan have had no contact with their father, then he suddenly asks them to visit him in the village where he was born. Unwillingly, the siblings set out from Istanbul to the provinces – Cemal, the frustrated astronaut, who has never been in space; Kenan, the luckless actor who dubs cat videos; and Suzan, a teacher whose nerves are in shreds. When the trio finally arrive, their father is already dead. His final wish: to be buried on the hottest day of the year, when the butterflies come to the village to die.


Bartu Kucukchalayan
Ercan Kesal
Ezgi Mola
Hakan Karsak
Serkan Keskin
Tolga Tekin
Tuğçe Altuğ

Adana Film Festival – Best Director; Best Script; Audience Award
Ankara International Film Festival – Best Director; Best Actress; Best Supporting Actress; Best Editing
Art Film Fest Košice – Special Mention
Bucharest International Film Festival – Grand Prize
İstanbul Film Festival – Special Jury Prize; Best Actor
Sundance Film Festival – World Cinema - Dramatic Grand Jury Prize

24th Festival on Wheels
Turkey 2018