When Darkness Falls

Two young sisters act against their family’s “code of honour” and their lives become a deadly nightmare. Two bouncers at a popular club are attacked by criminals igniting total war. An award winning journalist presses charges of spousal abuse against her husband only to be­come a hated pariah amongst their common colleagues. But what none of their aggressors could have foreseen is the enormous will to fight and prevail that is awaked in the hearts of those threatened one time too many. And a battle for life and death begins... When Darkness Falls is a gripping and intense thriller about honour, loyalty and the courage to fight; for what you believe. Based on real events, the film received excellent reviews by the Swedish press upon its release. “One of the oldest traditions we have this far north is to light candles when it gets dark. The time of the year that used to be regarded as being the end of the year was harvest time, the beginning of the cold season. All Saints Day, Halloween, a holiday that has several names. Millions of candles are lit during this holiday. The oldest explanation I’ve found for this is that people lit candles to protect their children. When darkness comes, the gates to Hell swing open and evil forces emerge, intending to take our children. People thought that lots of candles would ward off the evil spirits and create a safe haven. In When Darkness Falls, the story be­gins on Halloween, and the children are everything but safe.” Anders Nilsson

Anders Nilsson

Anders Nilsson
Joakim Hansson

Per Arne Svensson

Derek Hodor

Sonet Film AB

Anja Lundqvist
Bahar Pars
Lia Boysen
Oldoz Javid
For Graffman
Peter Engman
Reuben Sallmander

Bengt Nilsson

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