The Year Of The Tiger

Manuel is in a prison in southern Chile, which collapses after a violent earthquake. He escapes in the middle of the catastrophe and returns to his home, only to discover that the ensuing tsunami has swept away his wife and his daughter. As he advances through landscapes of utter destruction, the fugitive digs deeper and deeper into his own devastated life. This paradoxical freedom shall lead him to face the cruelty of nature and experience the limits of his own humanity. The Year of the Tiger is based on real events, and was shot in real locations a few weeks after the February 2010 earthquake in Chile. “Fiction Cinema can be a powerful tool when it finds the mechanisms to deal with reality. In early 2010, a violent earthquake and subsequent tsunami devastated a huge part of southern Chile. Prisons collapsed and inmates escaped from them; a circus tiger escaped when the waves dragged its cage; A few days later, the fugitives returned to their prisons after discovering that freedom in the middle of chaos and death could be the worst sentence of all.” Sebastián Lelio

Gonzalo Maza

Miguel Ioan Littin

Sebastián Lelio
Sebastián Sepúlveda

Fabula Producciones

Luis Dubó
Sergio Hernández
Viviana Herrera

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