Shut Up And Shoot Me

Englishman Colin Frampton is on holiday with his wife in Prague. But instead of relishing the romantic break as they stroll through the city, he is arguing about whether or not the iron was left plugged in. He sets off on a long list of whines, only to look round and find his wife no longer there. She has, it turns out, been squashed by a falling statue. When Colin, summoned to the morgue, is greeted by his wife’s ashes rather than her corpse, he decides his only solution is to die. His attempt at suicide is a disaster, which leaves him to conclude this is a job only someone else can do. So he hires that pair of hands to help him die. Enter Pawel, a guy prepared to do anything to keep his wife happy. even though he refuses at first, Pawel later relents at the prospect of earning a fast buck. A series of coincidences strikes and an unlike friendship forms between Colin, who doggedly fails to die, and Pawel. Shut Up and Shoot Me is not just the story of Colin, who only appreciates his wife once she is dead, and Pawel, who is terminally in love with his. The film also makes a comparison of British and Czech lifestyles and values and subtly parodies the two communities. The relationship between the rational Englishman and the romantic Czech, the disparities in social values between west and east and the tragic-comic tale of a society trying to become bourgeois raise the film above the ranks of a run of the mill comedy. In this, his debut feature, director Steen Agro presents a crazy comedy full of romance, mafia, death and money. Kurtuluş Özyazıcı
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Steen Agro

Steen Agro

Howard J. Smith

Michal Lansky

Storitel Ltd.

Andy Nyman
Anna Geislerova
Denisa Knoblochová
Karel Roden
Klára Low

Frank Gough

12th Festival on Wheels