Confession (Tales About Darkness Ii)

Even revising my past in order to feel that my story is a tragedy locked between my dreams and reality. I realise that my mind, conscience and all I know about life can not be sufficient for our desires and aspirations which are hidden, asleep at the depths of our soul. It seems to me that, if they tell us that we will die soon and we think of what remains, is only suffering, sorrow and sadness. Those who accidently lived happily or who still do, can not deny this. Are not the best memories of our childhood grieving for a world we lost? Do not the best moments we live carry sadness and fear of ending soon? And do not only those remaining in the past give the meaning of time? Confession is derived from the desire of expressing this tragedy of man, which can only be possible with a language that art presents to us. It is driven from a desire to perceive human reality by chasing an aimless spirit rather than physical and explainable conditions. The acceptance of a conscience through which human being can destroy all his/ her life and suffer endlessly for the sake of love is only possible at the level where art makes sense and is understandable. Zeki Demirkubuz


Zeki Demirkubuz

Zeki Demirkubuz

Zeki Demirkubuz

Zeki Demirkubuz

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7th Festival on Wheels
Stories of pain and mercy 1994-2001
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