Second Time, The

Alberto Sajevo, an economics professor at the University of Turin, by chance crosses paths with Lisa Venturi, a condemned terrorist. 12 years earlier, she had attempted to kill Sajevo, at that time an executive at a Fiat plant. Sajevo had survived, but the bullet has remained lodged in his head. Released on probation, Lisa works during the day in an office and must return to prison every evening. For several days, Sajevo follows her. Then, one day, during lunch break in a crowded cafeteria, she sits his table. Lisa, who doesn’t recognize him, gives him false name, passing herself off as a typical office worker. Sajevo, also introduces himself under another name, his doctor’s, and pretends to believe her. He then tries to see her again, no doubt hoping to find the answer to the question that has haunted him all these years: “Why me?” There develops a strange relationship, based on lies, suppressed rage and shameful (petty) feelings. One day Sajevo divulges his identity… La Seconda Volta is a voyage back to a particular time in Italian History, a moment that marked the political and private life of the whole country. The story of Lisa and Alberto poses a series of questions on the possibility of overcoming History, culpability and most of all about personal forgiveness. It is up to the two principal characters to look for answers, not to be prisoners of their lives in the roles History cast them in.


Francesco Bruni
Heidrun Schleef
Mimmo Calopresti

Alessandro Pesci

Claudio Cormio

Sacher Film

Marina Confalone
Nanni Moretti
Roberto De Francesco
Valeri Milillo
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

Franco Piersanti

3rd Festival on Wheels