Labyrinth Of Passions

A series of love stories, the main one with a happy ending, the others with unhappy but hopeful endings. The leading couple, around which in turn provokes intense passions of all kinds, is made by Sexilia, a young sex-fiend who is a member of a female rock group called "The ex-s" and daughter of a famous gynecologist, and Riza Niro, the descendant of a deposed Arab emperor, more interested in cosmetics and men than in international politics. On the background is Madrid, the most progressive city of the western world, the most uncomfortable, savage and enjoyable of all places. On top of it: music, verbal violence, persecutions, changes of indentity, indecent obesities, remedies for people with dry lips and weak fingernails, a future full of uncertainities and a shadowy past. But above all there is Love, with its various difficulties... Almódovar's second feature film adopts a pose of facetious amorality, set in a glittering Madrid demi-monde of travesties, nymphomaniacs, punks and Iranian fundamentalists. In this giant cartoon of a film, Almódovar rips through contemporary Spain with the energy of an angry young man with a smile on his face. "My film is similar to La Luna by Bertolucci. Sexilia, the young protagonist, hated the sun because she identified it with her father. In her childhood, her father was very nasty to her one sunny day. As a result of that trauma, Sexilia prefers the night and is a nymphomaniac. On the other hand, we have a dry cleaner from Sexilia's neighbourhood and his daughter, Queti. The dry cleaner systematically rapes his daughter every other day because his wife abandoned him and he's having a rough time of it. The girls become friends".

Pedro Almodovar

Pedro Almodovar

Angel Luis Fernandez

Jose Salcedo

Alphaville Productions

Cecilia Roth
Fernando Vivanco
Helga Line
Imanol Arias
Marta Fernandez Muro

Bernardo Bonezzi
Fanny McNamara
P. Almodoavar

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