Hababam Class- Class Of Chaos

Hababam Class- Class of Chaos

Filmed by Ertem Eğilmez, Hababam Class series were based on the popular works of Rıfat Ilgaz and they became a turning point in terms of becoming a total commercial success and bringing a new approach to comedy. Delivering in a slightly exaggerated fashion the unlimited freedom of the classroom benches that made their marks in everybody’s memories. The film became the most ppular comedy series with their crowded casts and their mixed style of comedy and dramaa, besides containing a nostalgic taste, even though they couldn’t be named as the master works of the Turkish cinema. Eğilmez filmed Hababam Class (1975), Hababam Class Failed (19759, Hababam Class on Vacation (1977), Farewell Hababam Class (1981) in this series. Later on the series based on the same characters and gags were continued being filmed by different directors as well. Lastly filmed by Kartal Tibet who was one of the representatives of the Arzu Film School, Hababam Class Doing Military Service (viewed by 2.5 million audiences) and Hello Hababam Class (viewed by 1.8 million audiences) ranked among the best selling ten movies of the Turkish cinema of all times. The immense popularity of Hababam Class series in spite of the fact that they just followed a straight storyline of scethes and little events that were loosely connected with each other lied in its presentation of situational comedy and character based comedy, comedy and dramaa, or jokes and sentimentality in a harmoniously intervenes manner. Although these films were really cute and gained popularity, they unfortunately not only did nt offer any radical and social criticism for the present educational system. (i.e. the problem with the private schools, teacher-student relations), but also weren’t capable of reflecting the bitter and pessimistic character of this fact in convincing and realistic manner. The Hababam Series both highlighted the popularity of several actors/actresses beginning with Kemal Sunal, Şener Şen, Münir Özkul, Adile Naşit, Halit Akçatepe and the soundtrack for the movie composed by Melih Kibar became a cult in the years to come.


Ertem rigid

Umur Bugay (Rıfat Ilgaz'ın romanından)

Hüseyin Özşahin

İsmail Kalkan

Arzu Film

Adile Naşit
Aziz Cem Gürdap
Halit Akçatepe
Kemal Sunal
Münir Özkul
Will Pull

Melih Kibar

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