Beauty In Trouble

Having had her fill of her husband Jarda, Marcela takes her two children and moves to her mother's house. This does not improve her spirits; in fact, it makes matters worse. Then she meets Evzen, once a childhood friend of her husband's and today a successful architect who no longer lives in the Czech Republic. The romance with the delicate and understanding European man offers Marcela a new lease on life but also faces her with a great internal dilemma. From his previous films, Divided We Fall (2000) and Up and Down (2004), it was clear that Jan Hřebejk is one of the most interesting names in contemporary European film. He is a talented director who knows how to construct credible characters and properly time the interactions between them. “Virtue is its own reward.”, wrote Robert Graves in the poem upon which this film is based, and it is with this sober tone that Hrebejk directs a film about “sex, money and a good person”. Hrebejk directed the film as a pendulum swinging in a romantic triangle, in which the characters are always filled with romantic longing for what they do not have. Those who recall Hrebejk's previous films can expect a spicy story, well-thought out characters and surprising twists, by a filmmaker who respects the intelligence of his viewers.
Czech Republic

Jan Hřebejk

Petr Jarchovsky

Jan Malir

Vladimir Barak

Total HelpArt T.H.A.

Ana Geislerová
Andrei Toader
Emília Vášáryová
Jan Hrušínsky
Jana Brejchová
Jiri Machacek
Jiri Schmitzer
Josef Abrhám
Nikolay Penev
Roman Luknár

Ales Brezina

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