Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

Milan who is seriously wounded while lying in the hospital bed remembers the ten day long hell that his platoon and himself had gone through when they were trapped in a deserted tunnel. Similtaneously with the war scenes, nostalgic memories of his friendship with his Muslim friend Halil, overflow him. Milan and Halil meet again during the war, one of them is inside the tunnel, the other one above it. The oath of eternal friendship had been broken and thrown into the mud of the Bosnian war. He also remembers his comrades who had one by one lost their lives in the ten day long duel in which there were no winners. Milan is brought to reality by the petrified look on the Muslim soldier’s face who is in the next room, seperated from Milan only by a glass wall. After the lights go out and the hospital is dark and silent Milan gets out of bed. Still living the war in his mind, guided by it, he crawls to enemy’s bed yearning to accomplish his mission. Will his thirst for revenge be fullfilled, or will forgiveness prevail? This is not only a war film, nor is it a classical western or a psychological war drama. It is all of that, and much more. Based on a true story that had occured during the first winter of the war in Bosnia, in 1992.


Nikola Pejakovic
Srdjan Dragojevic
Vanja Buic

Dušan Joksimović

Peter Markovic

11000 Beograd
Cobra Film Department
Kneza Milosa 7
Yugoslavia Tel: 381- 11- 324 4489

Dragan Blelogrlic
Dragan Maksimovic
Dragan Petrovic
Milorad Mandic
Nikola Kojo
Nikola Pejakovic
Velimir- Bata Zivojinovic
Zoran Cvijanovic

Laza Ristovski

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