Autumn Sonata

Autumn Sonata is for many reasons one of Ingmar Bergman's most interesting chamber plays. It was produced with German money by Bergman's own company when Bergman lived in exile in Munich in the late 70s due to the accusation of tax crimes, later found completely false. To make the external circumstances even more complicated Bergman wanted to shoot the film in Swedish but as he was unable to shoot the film in Sweden, it was shot in Norway, mainly with a Swedish crew. At the same time it was the first time he worked with Ingrid Bergman, his well known namesake and compatriot, a famous Hollywood and Rossellini star for 40 years. Ingmar and Ingrid had met long ago and Bergman had promised to write a film for her, which Ingrid reminded him of when they met in Cannes in 1975. Two years later she suddenly got a script in the mail box: Autumn Sonata. The story is simple: Charlotte (Ingrid Bergman) is a world-famous concert pianist who has neglected her family and particularly her two daughters for the sake of a career that was vastly more important to her than family ties. Now after seven years of silence, she is invited by her daughter Eva (Liv Ullmann) to spend a week with Eva`s family in Norway, a family which also includes Helena, her sick and mentally disturbed sister, the second daughter of Charlotte.The film deals solely with the mother/daughter confrontation theme and though it doesn't seem to be a very dramatic theme on the surface the film contains some of the most intense and dramatic scenes Bergman has written, especially the long settlement lasling many nights, lwhere Eva tries to reach her mother. Ingrid Bergman and Liv Ullmann are both on peak performance and Ingrid Bergman talks with enthusiasm about the collaboration with Bergman in her autobiography, My Life (1981), regarding the film as one of her best, though it was not without "star" collisions. The theme itself was sensitive and not without private aspects, the two Bergmans both being world famo

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Ingmar Bergman

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