Secret Face

A young man who photographs in İstanbul's nightlife brings the photos to a mysterious woman. The woman is searching a face, but she doesn't say whose face it is or why she is after that face. She finds what she is looking for in the face of a local watchmaker and asks the photographer to find him. But the photographer looses track of both the watchmaker and the woman. He keeps searching and embarks on a strange, mysterious journey. During this trip in which dreams and reality are strangely mixed and all questions about life are abstractly asked, a bizarre game begins. The eternal search of existance and non-existance, what is searched and what is not searched within an alienated and unclear space takes them from place to place. What is it that they are searching? Is it possible to find it? Ömer Kavur, who based his film on Orhan Pamuk's novel pictured the theme of searching with various symbolisms and open to various interpretations. The film, trying to put the spectator to an active position instead of a passive one, to make him part of the ongoing search, is a highly original work. "Secret Face" is an interesting example in Turkish Cinema, a film which tries to be different and succeeds in a masterful way. Burçak Evren

Omer Kavur

Orhan Pamuk

Erdal Kahraman

Mevlut Kocak

Alfa Film

Arslan Qasar
Fikret Kuşkan
Rutkay Aziz
War Citizen
Sevda Ferdağ
Tomris İncer
Zuhal Olcay

2. Cahit Berkay

Best Actor
Best Actor Turkish Film Critics
Best Director
Best Director Ankara; Best Film
Best Editing Antalya; Critics Award
Best Film Montreal; Best Film
Best Music
Best Photography
Best script
International Art and Experimental Cinema Confederation Award Bastia; Public Jury: Best Film
International Film Critics Award İstanbul; Best Film
Special Award Fribourg; Best Film

8th Festival on Wheels