Roy Andersson, who shared the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes in 2000, with Samita Makhmalbaf's Blackboards, astonished his viewers with his film Songs from the Second Floor, which is composed of only 45 shots (taken with a stationary camera) that reminiscent of absurd apocalyptic paintings. This film was Andersson's first after 25 years and his third overall. Roy Andersson's first film, A Sweedish Love Story (screened last year by the Festival on Wheels) won four awards in 1970 at the Berlin Film Festival and gathered appreciation from viewers. His second film Giliap was a turning point in his carrier. While it was expected that after the success of the first film, Andersson would continue on the same path towards a repeat of his earlier success, instead he established a brand new style. In the advertisements and short films that Andersson would later direct, he continued to use sparse dialogue, single long shots with depth of field and a darkly humorous style. This style resulted in its most mature manifestation in Songs from the Second Floor. However, at the time, Giliap was criticized quite harshly, and could only meet 5% of its costs in the box-office, resulting in Roy Andersson going bankrupt. Roy Andersson, who was singled out as the best commercials director in Sweeden by his countryman Ingmar Bergman, has directed over 300 advertisements in 20 years. He states that he sees these advertisements as an exercise in the shaping of his style. When asked about Giliap he points out that "Later, when Kubrick came out with Barry Lyndon, people accepted that -it's the same mood. But these things take time." Giliap recounts events in a hotel where a young waiter has just started working. With its short dialogues, very slow camera movement and Andersson's particular mise en scene, a dark humour is created. Watching Giliap within the context of its historical importance in Andersson's carreer and looking into why it was disliked to the extent it was in the environment of 1975,canadd to our enjoyment. Enis Köstepen

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Roy Andersson

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