Bride, The

The Bride, telling the story of a family from Yozgat who migrate to Istanbul, their efforts to fit in the new living conditions, their struggle for survival, is one of the best examples of migration stories in the Turkish Cinema. The Bride, the first installment of Ö. Lütfi Akad's internationally-renowned trilogy, is readily accepted as the most successful of the three, the other installments being The Wedding (1973) and Bloody Money (1974). The film reflects the rise of "little Anatolia" in Istanbul, a phenomenon that will later on expand. Istanbul is known as a city of golden opportunities...With extremely realistic touches, the film conveys the determination of the people who, selling everything they own, migrate to the metropolis to forge a 'present' and 'future',. The performance of Hülya Koçyiğit as Meryem reinforces the success of the film. 'The voyage of no return' of the family and of the young woman who loses her sick son, ending up working at a factory, takes an invaluable place in the great breakthrough of the Turkish Cinema in the 1970's. The fact that Akad, in showing the experiences of the family from Yozgat, points at the dissolving feudal relationships and the transition process into a proletarian working class, suggest a political awareness that one rarely encounters in current Turkish Cinema. This approach makes itself particularly apparent in the hopeful 'happy end'. The Bride, as a film that discusses and comments on the difficulty of change in Turkey in that period, using methods that derive from sociological realism to social realism, leaves deep impressions. Attracting attention through its economic perspective on the problems of that period, through its allegorical structure, its unadorned narrative and successful editing, The Bride is further etched into our minds by its realistic and effective use of music. Tunca Aslan

Omer Lutfi Akad

Omer Lutfi Akad

Gani Turanlı

Hürrem Erman

Ali Sen
Aliye Rona
Hülya Koçyiğit
Hero Kıral
Kamuran Usluer
Kerem Yılmazer
Nazan Islander
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