Elephants And Grass

The "Sword" That Wouldn't Fit In The Sack. Elephants and Grass, "The Champion of Hearts" at the 37th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival had to suffice with third place in the best film classification, but it brought one Golden Orange, each, to its director Derviş Zaim and the actors, Sanem Çelik and Ali Sürmeli. Derviş Zaim, with a "cloudy in parts" atmosphere which we know very well from his first film Somersault in a Coffin, looks at the countergerilla-gangs-mafia-politics-information services relations that have been sang out loud to the skies in the recent past of Turkey, hints meaningfully on some reflections of the "low intensity" war that has been going on for years in the Southeastern region. Eventhough we watch the story of the girl athlete getting prepared for the Eurasia Marathon at the very forefront, trying to find money to have her brother who has been crippled during his military service operated; Elephants and Grass in fact, takes a "family photograph", if one may say so, of the "lance that doesn't fit in the sack", that is, the Turkey connection of Gladio. Different adventures developing within great filth and rot finally, come together in this photograph. Thanks to te striking script, masterful direction and editing, and perfect performances of the actors, the art of cinema once more catches the agenda of our country and carries it to international platforms through an international language. Derviş Zaim may perhaps be criticised for being content with conveying what's already public knowledge, for not delivering a new thesis as in films like I...Comme Icare, JFK or Wag The Dog, and for not weaving his own ideological-political cocoon. But it's also perfectly clear that this, just like in the film, will not change the fact that Elephants and Grass is a film "wrought like enamel" that is courageous and very nature at the same time. Tunca Arslan

Derviş Zaim

Derviş Zaim

Ertunc Şenkay

Mustafa Preşeva

Ali Akdeniz Pan Film Filmcilik Ltd. Soğancı Sokak 19/17 Cihangir-İstanbul / Türkiye

Ali Sürmeli
Bülent Kayabaş
Haluk Bilginer
Sanem Celik
Taner Barlas
Taner Birsel
Uğur Polat

Serdar Ateşer

Best Actress
Best Art Director Antalya Film Festival
Best Director
Best Editing
Best Supporting Actor
Special Jury Prize

6th Festival on Wheels