Bread And Roses

See Ken Loach’s Bread and Roses! With the cinema screen in the way it’s easier to see how different uniforms make it invisible in everyday life. You’ll see a less colourful, less Mexican, less forceful version tomorrow in the first public office, university toilet or neighbourhood street you step into. The girl who loses her rag and arrives in Los Angeles from Mexico to work won’t be called Rosa; she’ll be Gülşen, originally from Siirt but now living in Istanbul’s Unkapanı. “Supervisor” Perez, worse than the worst offender, will also be from Siirt, and the contract cleaning company will be called not “Angels”, but “Istancleanbul Cleaning & Removals”… The union organizer for Speedy-Co-op, the syndicate trying to organize cleaning and other office workers scattered around 1001 contract companies may not be so white, Anglo-Saxon and good-looking, but you’ll notice the police and their paraphernalia show cross-cultural homogeneity. If unionist Sam claims more than 40 million people are without social security, our Rabia will say the figure is more like half of 20 million. And if Rosa questions the point of getting an education if it’s to forget all these basic realities and everything we know from conventional wisdom, it’ll be Gülşen who makes the same point. In order to oppose exploitation, you first have to realize you’re caught up in it. Exploitation isn’t something that ‘evil others do in faraway lands’. Behind every contract company there’s a principal employer, behind that principal employer there’s a conglomerate, behind that conglomerate there’s a social responsibility project, behind every fear there’s duress, behind every employee who has to snitch there’s a bully. A fine historian once said, “There is no love without lovers.” So let’s add to that: exploitation cannot exist without exploiters. The perpetrators of exploitation are no mystery; but they are camouflaged. Let’s not exploit, allow exploitation or be a mere spectator to exploitation – as we are t


Ken Loach

Paul Laverty

Barry Ackroyd

Jonathan Morris

Adrien Brody
Elidia Carillo
Pilar Padilla

George Fenton

Best Theatrical Feature Film Imagen Foundation Awards
Fipresci Prize Rio de Janeiro
Jury Award Temacula Valley
Outstanding Supporting Actress Alma Awards
Phoenix Prize Santa Barbara

15th Festival on Wheels