Ae Fond Kiss

Casim Khan is a successful DJ in Glasgow. The son of Pakistani immigrants, he works in the city's coolest venues and dreams of buying his own club. His parents Tariq and Sadia are devout Muslims; fiercely protective of their family and their traditions, they plan for him to marry his beautiful cousin Jasmine, who is soon to arrive in UK. Their plans go awry, however, when Casim meets Roisin. A teacher at his sister Tahara's school, Roisin is different from any girl he's ever met. She's gorgeous, intelligent and definitely possesses a mind of her own. She and Casim soon fall deeply in love. But Casim knows all too well that, even if he wasn't due to marry, his parents would never accept a 'goree' - a Eurepean. As a Catholic, Roisin finds that her own community, more than a little skeptial about her love for Casim, doesn't prove very supportive either. When their relationship is discovered, the repercussions of the scandal reach far and wide and sparks fly as cultures clash and personalities collide. The Glasgow-Asian community was, admits Loach, "a world I didn't know much about. I had to listen and ask a lot of questions, to gain a sense of other people and find the common denominators. You find that the fundemental politics of families are the same underneath - the difference is in how they are expressed."
Almanya İngiltere İspanya İtalya

Ken Loach

Paul Laverty

Barry Ackroyd

Jonathan Morris

Rebecca O'Brien (Sixteenth Films)

Ahmad Riaz
Atta Yaqub
David McKay
Eva Birtistle
Gary Lewis
Ghizala Avan
Raymond Mearns
Shabana Bahsh
Shamshad Akhtar

George Fenton

Audience Award Valladolid
Best Actress Irish Film and Television Awards
Best European Union Film Cesar
British Actress of the Year London Critics Circle
Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
Prize of the Guild of German Art House Cinemas Berlin

14th Festival on Wheels
NATION AND "fragments"